For writers

  • This is not a pitch to find an agent. It is a pitch to find beta readers for your manuscript
  • Your manuscript must be complete and ready for beta readers. Please don't submit a manuscript which hasn't been through rounds of self-editing (perhaps following feedback from a critique group or a mentor or some trusted alpha readers). You should be happy that your manuscript is ready for querying or self-publishing
  • You can pitch as many manuscripts as you like, but they must each be complete and ready for beta readers
  • This is not a beta reader swap. This is a pitch event to find people who have the capacity to read your manuscript and are happy to do that without you reading their manuscript. If, however, you are happy to swap manuscripts with a beta reader, you can include the hashtag #BRSwap
  • You can pitch three times per manuscript in the 24 hours that the pitch event runs for
  • Your pitch must fit within the 280 characters of a standard tweet
  • You can add mood boards or images to your tweets - get creative! Please ensure that you have the right to use the images that you include on your tweets
  • If you're using a mood board or image on your tweet, please use ALT text to make sure that your tweet is inclusive. You can find out more about adding ALT text here
  • Include the #BeRePit hashtag along with the relevant Age and Genre hashtags
  • Please don't tag other users in your tweet
  • Reach out to people who have commented on your Tweet and arrange to DM them with details of how to contact them
  • We suggest that you send a few chapters at a time. If your beta reader finds that the manuscript isn’t for them, please be polite and accept that your story won’t always appeal to everyone and just because a book doesn't work for them it doesn't mean someone else won’t love it
  • Please work out a schedule with your beta reader so you can manage your expectations on when you can expect feedback
  • If you have specific feedback that you would like your beta reader to send, please work this out with them prior to them starting reading
  • Please ensure that you include content warnings on your manuscript and discuss any areas which may be triggering for your reader prior to them reading. Remember that what may be acceptable to you, may not be for your reader. Be upfront about any and all areas which could cause distress to a reader to empower them to make their own decision about whether to read or not. For a list of some common content warnings click here
  • Please accept that some beta readers may have commented on several pitches and as a result may have to pick which manuscripts they would like to read. Please don’t pressure anyone into replying to you
  • You should not be expected to pay for a beta reader through #BeRePit. If anyone asks for payment, please report them to us here
  • #BeRePit cannot and will not assume responsibility for vetting your beta readers. Please ask lots of questions and check the beta reader out on Twitter before you send any of your manuscript to them
  • If one of your beta readers takes your ideas or work and passes if off as their own (plagiarism) please report them to us here

For beta readers

  • Please do like and retweet, but only leave a comment if you're interested in beta reading the manuscript
  • You should not charge a fee to beta reader through #BeRePit. Please don’t include links to your beta reader site such as FIVRR
  • Please only comment on a pitch if you have the time and enthusiasm to beta read the manuscript
  • If you want to find writers to do a beta read swap with, please look for the hashtag #BRSwap in the tweet
  • You are honour-bound to not post quotes or snippets on any public forum or social media from the manuscript you’re reading. Do not take someone else's work or ideas and pass them off as your own (plagiarism)