The Two Ravens

When sixteen-year-old Raven touches old objects, she sometimes sees a glimpse of another person’s life: a clandestine kiss, a walk along a moonlit beach, a severed hand lying in a pool of congealing blood.


Following the death of her parents, Raven is packed off to live with her grandfather, in rural Northumberland, in an enormous old manor house. Not the worst possible fate, especially when she meets the housekeeper’s alluring son, Saul.

Old manor houses, however, come with their share of ghosts, and Dunham Hall is no exception. When a spirit possesses Amelie, Raven’s best friend, and tries to kill Raven, she realises she needs to help these souls to move on.


To guide the spirits to freedom, Raven must work out what’s tying them to Dunham Hall by solving a centuries-old murder. If she fails, she could end up joining them forever.