The Two Ravens Characters

Name: Raven Byrd

Age: 16

Hair Colour: Black

Eye Colour: Green / Brown heterochromia

A bit about me:

I hate my name. It's ridiculous. I still can't believe my parents did that to me.

I am an orphan and I miss my parents and our home in London very much. Some days, the pain is physical, some days everything feels surreal, and I imagine that they're just away on one of their trips.

I love art and want to train as a tattoo artist when I leave college.

I have 2 tattoos. 

I'm tall and too skinny (like my mum was).

I love running and hiking.

I don't like team sports or anything where I have to score or save goals.

I have OCD which mainly revolves around counting things in groups of nine. I've lots of therapy for this. Stress makes it worse.

I think social media. is the single-worst invention ever.


  • Colour: Black
  • Band: Heavily influenced by Dad. Into punk, goth, metal, more modern Emo, but also like classical music too
  • Song: Carly Simon, 'Let the River Flow' - Mum's favourite song
  • Film:  Guardians of the Galaxy, It's a wonderful life, Dirty Dancing
  • Food: Thai curry, Roast dinners, Burgers, anything with custard
  • Drink: Camomile tea
  • Animal: Cat, elephant or horse
  • Place: Home
  • Season: Was winter, now not so sure
  • Lesson: Art
  • Book: Wuthering Heights, Bear Town
  • Author: Laini Taylor, Philip Pullman, George RR Martin, Fredrik Backman
  • TV: Game of Thrones, Gossip Girl, Friends, Outnumbered

Name: Saul Theodore Grendel

Age: 18

Hair Colour: Black

Eye Colour: Blue

A bit about me:.

I've lived in Northumberland all my life. My parents moved here from Cornwall when my mum was pregnant. My mum is the housekeeper at Dunham Hall and we have a house nearby. I spend most of my time at the Hall though, I have my own room there and help Bertie and Enid out with odd-jobs and stuff. My dad died when I was a toddler and Mum never really got over it.

I'm in year 13 at school and doing my A-levels this year. I hope to read history at Durham uni.

My best friend is Stella. She lives in Alnwick in a pub called the Vampyre. Her girlfriend, Aimi, is in my philisophy class. We used to have a band (Stella and the Vampyres), but it fizzled out when Aimi and I started year 13 - we both had too much work on. I think we were good though so maybe we'll pick it back up again one day.


  • Colour: Green
  • Band: Pretty much anything other than RnB. It depends on my mood really.
  • Song: Too difficult to answer. Maybe something by Metallica.
  • Film:  Even more difficult. Would have to break it into genre to even begin giving an answer.
  • Food: ALL FOOD!
  • Drink: Craft beers, coffee, pineapple juice, Vodka
  • Animal: Cat or Dog. All animals apart from toads (*shudder*)
  • Place: Holy Island
  • Season: Autumn / Winter
  • Lesson: History
  • Book: I like historical novels, but I don't have a favourite.
  • TV: Game of Thrones (apart from the last season), Modern Family.

Name: Amelie Watson

Age: 15

Hair Colour: Dark Brown with lighter highlights

Eye Colour: Amber

A bit about me:.

My name's Amelie (not Emily - that really bugs me). I'm 15 and live in London with my mum and dad (when they're there) and my douche-bag brother Ollie.

My best friend is Raven, we go to school together. She's leaving soon though to go and live somewhere miles away with her granddad. because her mum and dad died in December in a helicopter crash in Thailand where they were filming an episode of their TV show. I'll miss her so much. I'm hoping to go and stay with her a lot.

I love baking and cooking and would like to be a chef, but Dad thinks i should go to university and study something academic. No idea why - he studied psychology at university and is a photgrapher now ... For someone who's always telling me that I should do what makes me happy, he's sending some very mixed signals.


Colour: Red

Band: I love all music - apart from metal and loud stuff. And I love singing too.

Song: Probably something by Billie Eilish. Maybe 'Bad Guy'.

Film:  Harry Potter and the Prisoner of Azkaban, I think

Food: Chocolate, lemon drizzle cake, Marmite and cheese on toast, sausages, pasta, butter chicken, Hob Nobs, Galaxy chocolate, croissants

Drink: Coffee or vodka

Animal: Guinea pig

Place: Bali

Season: Summer

Lesson: Food and Nutrition

Book: Harry Potter and the Half Bood Prince

Author: JK Rowling (obviously!)

TV: Gossip Girl, Pretty Little Liars, Chilling Adventures of Sabrina.